Check camera

* Click "Allow" to continue the webcam test if the browser pop-up at the top left requests access to your camera.

Unable to check your webcam? Here is a troubleshooting guide

You must allow the browser to use your camera, this is a prerequisite for passing the webcam test. If that still doesn't help, here are some solutions and let's check one by one.

• Your webcam is not turned on: some cameras have an ON / OFF switch, so you can check and make sure the switch is in the correct position.
• Your webcam is not properly connected: Make sure your webcam is properly connected to the USB port. You can reconnect the camera to make sure the connection is correct.
• Your browser is out of date to run the webcam test: reinstall or update your browser to the latest version and run the webcam test again.
• Driver Problem: This could be due to incompatible or missing drivers.